Episode 32: Don’t Get Sucked In

By Kane Nagle Media | August 1, 2017

It’s only human to react to some news stories, especially the ones that have an impact on you. But other stories are meant to get you to react — clicks and shares define success for many publishers. That’s fine, but what if your reactions are causing you to miss the substance and meaning of some news … Continue reading “Episode 32: Don’t Get Sucked In”

How Now Brown Cow?

By Kane Nagle Media | July 5, 2017

By Rich Nagle A widely covered story in June seemed to show that some Americans were either poorly informed, not very bright or just plain gullible. But what it really showed is how smart PR people who understand how information travels through the media and the public can generate a huge amount of publicity for … Continue reading “How Now Brown Cow?”

BYOF, Or Why “Bias” Is Bogus

By Kane Nagle Media | June 24, 2017

Maybe it’s the relentless pace of news and continuous news alerts. Or maybe it’s just a reflection of the rampant partisanship in society in general. Whatever the cause, we’ve been seeing an increasing amount of news commentators and consumers cherry-picking which facts they want to believe or use to inform their understanding of news. It’s … Continue reading “BYOF, Or Why “Bias” Is Bogus”

Episode 31: BYOF

By Kane Nagle Media | June 23, 2017

You think some mainstream news organizations are “biased”? So what! Don’t “Bring Your Own Facts” by cherry-picking only the info you like. Ignore “bias” or set it aside. Go for accuracy, use multiple new sources to get the facts and still think for yourself.