About Us

The News User Manual is produced by Kane Nagle Media (KNM), which is co-founded by Jim Kane and Rich Nagle. KNM also produces podcasts and blogs for businesses and organizations.

The News User Manual is a result of the industry changes we've seen over our careers in the journalism and communications businesses. To be honest, we’ve been concerned about how we and our fellow news consumers are getting the news lately. Those concerns have been growing for some time, and they’ve peaked during the 2016 presidential campaign and election. We’re awash in “news,” but much of it turns out to be false, and much of it is tailored to what our social media platforms think we want.

We’re moving away from getting our news from the TV or the radio, or even primarily from newspapers. You have a new device that delivers your news and delivers it differently, often wildly differently. We think that device should come with instructions.

And so, we offer this News User Manual. It’s a collection of podcasts and blogs with our observations about the news environment on social media, and our advice on how you can make sure you’re getting the information you need to be part of a well-informed electorate.

We hope you agree. We hope our effort helps. We hope you’ll tell us what you think. And if you like us, or even if we just piss you off, we encourage you to share our podcasts and blogs with your friends and followers.