Episode 32: Don’t Get Sucked In

It’s only human to react to some news stories, especially the ones that have an impact on you. But other stories are meant to get you to react — clicks and shares define success for many publishers. That’s fine, but what if your reactions are causing you to miss the substance and meaning of some news stories, especially the ones that have an impact on you? We give you a big example as well as tips to help get and keep you informed.

Episode 31: BYOF

You think some mainstream news organizations are “biased”? So what! Don’t “Bring Your Own Facts” by cherry-picking only the info you like. Ignore “bias” or set it aside. Go for accuracy, use multiple new sources to get the facts and still think for yourself.

Episode 30: Don’t Lose The News For The Covfefe

Like “losing the forest for the trees,” we run the risk of missing news about genuinely important developments when we’re swimming in a sea of memes about orbs, handslaps and other ephemera. We have some tips on how not to miss the bigger picture.

Episode 29: Putting a Brake On The Breaking News Alerts

The breaking news bombardment is enough to make even hardcore news junkies like us want to say, “Stop!” You’ve GOT to take a break. We have some tips to help you get through the days and weeks of unending news alerts.