Episode 28: The Comey Firing

The continuing turmoil over President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey presents a practical opportunity to put the 4-step “Chase It Down” process to work for you. We walk you through tips for using it as reporting of the story continues.

Episode 27: Chase It Down: A How-To Guide

You’ve asked “How?”, so we’re answering your questions about specific practical steps to help you sort through the news everyday. We describe a 4-step process — an internal checklist — to guide you as scan and consume news from social and mainstream media sources: Headline, Source, Report, Cross-check.

Podcast Episode 26: How the News Reaches You, A Behind The Scenes Look, Part 2

If you think you’re a highly skeptical, picky and super-critical reader of the news, you’ve never worked with an editor at a major news organization. We wrap up our conversation with veteran reporter Brian Sullivan about the reality of how the news reaches you. Get the behind-the-scenes look at how news stories are edited and published, and how reporters get your feedback.

Podcast Episode 25: How The News Reaches You, A Behind The Scenes Look, Part 1

When you read, watch or listen to the news you may think those stories reached you via some natural organic process of a reporter doing a few interviews, writing it up and an editor giving it a once-over before publishing it. Not hardly. We go behind the scenes in a two-part episode with veteran reporter Brian Sullivan to get into the nitty-gritty reality of how the news reaches you. It’s a lot more — and less — complicated than you may have ever realized. In Part 1, learn how reporting can sometimes be a chess match.