Podcast Episode 8: Getting Your Feedback

By Kane Nagle Media | December 19, 2016

We selected a couple of comments to respond to some good questions raised. Why does the rush of a news cycle create a perception of “slanted” news? And why is it important to keep an open mind and “wait for it” — even if it takes decades?

Podcast Episode 7: The Russia-Trump Story — Wait For It

By Kane Nagle Media | December 11, 2016

The continuing coverage of intelligence on Russian interference with the US Presidential election will give your own editorial process a real workout. We’ll give you a few basic — and challenging — tips to help guide you as the story unfolds.

Podcast Episode 6: It’s OK To Take A News Break!

By Kane Nagle Media | December 8, 2016

As a news user, it’s a good idea to close yourself off from the news at times. The news and your social media feeds will do just fine without you for a bit. Take a little rest then come back with renewed energy and maybe a fresh perspective.

Podcast Episode 5: Un-Fake Your News

By Kane Nagle Media | December 5, 2016

A look at examples of fake news and the effects they have on public discussions and our own personal outlook. Plus some suggestions on how to avoid being duped by fake news scammers.